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      4. Pipe Spool in Shop

        Roberts’ pipe fabrication division provides in-house fabrication capabilities for new construction, expansions, and replacements.? We have extensive experience with the intricacies of pipe fabrication for a multitude of industries. In our 82,000 square ft. on-site pipe fabrication facility, our team consistently turns out complex pipe spools in a wide range of sizes and materials.? Specializing in stainless steel and exotic alloy fabrication, all work can be performed under ASME codes.?

        • Acorn Pipe Isometrics
        • FastPIPE piping Takeoffs
        • ASME 31.3 Process Plant Piping
        • ASME 31.1 Power Piping
        • Ship Board Piping
        • Earned Value Progress Tracking
        • Individual Spool ID
        • Dedicated Pipe Delivery Trailers
        • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

        Our team has experience around the world in the fabrication, shipping and assembly of any pipe, no matter the detail or size.

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