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      4. Electrical Instrumentation at PCS Substation

        Roberts provides in-house instrumentation and electrical services. Unlike many contractors, we are a full-service contractor with a complete electrical / instrumentation department. Our department is a stand-alone service that also compliments our other services – a department that serves as an extension to the many other services we provide. This added service allows our customers the benefit of having only one contractor on the job; which ultimately provides a more seamless project because the various divisions are used to working together as a team.

        Roberts has the expertise to meet all your power, control, and instrumentation needs.

        Turn-key Industrial Electrical / Instrumentation Construction Services including:

        • Substation / Switchyard Installation
        • Motor Control Center Installation
        • Combustion Turbine Control System Upgrades
        • DCS & PLC Automation Installations and Upgrades
        • Raceway and Cable Installation
        • Hydraulic Tubing
        • Pneumatic Tubing
        • Instrument Installation and Calibration
        • Loop Checking and Commissioning Support
        • Ductbank and Grounding Construction
        • Lighting, Plant Communications, and Lightning Protection