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      4. Tower Assembly

        Roberts’ staff is comprised of project managers and construction professionals, who are well versed in safety, quality, design, project administration and execution. By planning and working together as a team, Roberts ensures higher quality, quicker response time, superior service and the highest customer satisfaction.

        Expertise in all areas of Construction Management:

        • Capital Cost Estimating
        • Government Regulations
        • Planning and Scheduling
        • Contract Management
        • Sourcing/Field Procurement
        • Fast Track
        • Scope Management
        • Constructability Programs
        • Construction Quality Program
        • Construction Safety
        • Change Management
        • Start-up Management and Turn-over

        Roberts Project Managers are equipped to assist customers with:

        • Vendor Negotiations
        • Contracts/Subcontractors
        • Progress Tracking
        • Trend Analysis
        • Change Management