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      4. Electrical Instrumentation at PCS Substation

        Scrubbers – Dry or Wet

        Gas/Steam Turbines

        Controls Integration with DCS (Ovation)

        Combined Cycle Systems

        P91 Piping

        Gas Burner Conversion (from coal to gas)

        Boiler Controls

        • Combustion Controls
        • Burner Management Systems
        • Advanced Logic to Improve Efficiency
        • Emergency Shutdown Procedures
        • Black Liquor Safe Firing System

        Control Integration

        Tie-Ins, Integration for Boiler, Turbines

        Power Switching

        Mercury Removal

        • Carbon Filters, Scrubbers

        Sulfur Removal

        Biofuels/ Renewables

        Feed water Systems

        Main Steam/Reheat Piping

        Pressures to Supercritical

        Due Diligence Investigations

        Offices/ Administration/ Control Rooms

        Stress Analysis – Finite Element Analysis

        • Evaluation of Girth and Seam Welds
        • Evaluation of Wall Thickness Due to Flow Accelerated Corrosion
        • Ligament Cracking and Fracture Mechanics



        • Wall Thickness
        • Nozzle Evaluation

        Fire Protection

        Ash Handling

        Material Handling Systems

        Building Ventilation

        Dust Collection Systems


        • Bark, Gas, Oil, Coal, Recovery



        Boiler Water Treatment

        Wastewater Treatment

        Truck & Rail Loading/ Unloading

        Warehousing, Storage